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I installed eTechnician for the trial period a few weeks ago because of the claims of now supporting tests for a range of light and medium duty applications.  Initially, I was rather impressed but in short order realized that other than the ease of navigating it, so much of the claimed function just wasn't there.  I even called support to ask if the trial version is limited in function and was told that it is the full functionality and that the trial is strictly limiting the time.  So there are certainly function claims that are made that just...don't work. 

What was more aggravating wasn't so much that certain functions/tests wouldn't work, but that it was almost random whether I would see a "Pass" or "Fail" message associated with the "test" even though I could that no test was actually performed.   All of that was on vehicles that were on their lists for supported vehicles for the given tests, and very few actually worked. 

I didn't have access to the entire range of vehicles that they claim support for over that period, but the only tests that I got to work happened to be just on two engines that the free version of ServiceMaxx J1708 already offers.  That ended up being the deciding factor for me in deciding NOT to buy it and I purchased PFD the next day. 
General Discussion / Re: What Adapter do you prefer
« Last post by Brian_M on June 02, 2017, 03:06:29 PM »
Having only ever used the Nexiq USB Link or Link 2, I can't say I really prefer it so much as until fairly recently I didn't even know there was so many other options as those two are almost the entirety of what I ever see.  Only after recently purchasing a Nexiq USB Link 2 did I begin to realize that so much else (aside from OEM 'boxes') was even available. 

So far I'm still pleased with the Link 2, but had I done a bit more digging prior to buying it I certainly would have compared it to the DPA5 and might have gone that route just given what I've found out about them so far. 

About the only complaints I have with the Link 2 so far are the increased price of the adapter cables vs the original (or even other current models) and that connecting via Bluetooth is quite the chore for some reason compared to other (in general) devices.  Given how long the USB cable is though, I'm not terribly concerned with the Bluetooth connectivity.
General Discussion / Re: i was just wondering how to ask any questions
« Last post by PF-Diagnose on April 24, 2017, 03:18:29 PM »
I was just wondering how to regen a 2013 6.7 cummins with this software thank you for your time and help

Select the OBD-II/CAN  Menu  at the top and select DPF Forced Regeneration command.  If there are any sensor faults, they must be repaired before you can regen, example Shorted or Open...
General Discussion / Re: i was just wondering how to ask any questions
« Last post by Jamesirvin on April 23, 2017, 08:10:56 PM »
I was just wondering how to regen a 2013 6.7 cummins with this software thank you for your time and help
« Last post by PF-Diagnose on April 07, 2017, 07:16:41 AM »
Hello everyone, I have a problem with a new Detroit ECM, which needs to be reprogrammed for its installation, I have the original scanner, it is from a military truck 1990-1994 and it is very old, what can I do to attach it ?. thanks!!

The Pro-Link scanner will not reprogram an ECM.  You will need to find someone with DDDL and the personality files so I would think you would have to visit a dealer unless someone here can help you. 
« Last post by sebastianaj on April 05, 2017, 06:56:20 PM »
Hello everyone, I have a problem with a new Detroit ECM, which needs to be reprogrammed for its installation, I have the original scanner, it is from a military truck 1990-1994 and it is very old, what can I do to attach it ?. thanks!!
General Discussion / Would you be interrested in this?
« Last post by PF-Diagnose on February 21, 2017, 09:09:59 PM »

Thanks for your time...

VOTE ABOVE  -  No Vote, is a VOTE FOR NO!  C:-)  If we get less than 10 votes - we will not carry this product.

It is a small dash or panel mount LED display with a white backlightt and it measurees about 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches and about 3/4 inch thick
it mounts in a 2" hole such as where a standard gauge was or drill one.

It has 4 buttons
  • DPF-REGEN Inhibit
  • Info
  • Live SPN or DTC
  • Next

It can display 7 live parameters such as say RPM or Coolant Temp or whatever, it will cycle through them
It can show active and inactive DTCs and erase inactive DTCs.
The info button shows details on the DTCs like Description, counts, FMI and so on
The DPF Inhibit button stops the truck from performing regular regens, say you park outside a coffee shop and the truck wannts to do a parked regen but you don't want the truck screaming away, you can temporarily disable regens.
and if you select DPF and the next button together, it is like turning on the regen switch on the dash, so say you don't have that switch - Now you do!
And you can pull up fault codes without hooking up a tool...  It is for Tier IV enginers only - With DPF Filter and J1939 Protocol so no Fuso or Isuzu - Won't work,,,  Hino may work as theey can be J1939 too...

It has to be wired in but that is easy and I will provide the harness and detailed instructions.

The cost of this unit is around $450.00 CANADIAN DOLLARS so around $350 US  with harness

It is a nice looking display

If interested, email me at  If we get enough interest to order 10 or more we will carry them.

General Discussion / Results of Adapter poll from 2015-16
« Last post by PF-Diagnose on February 14, 2017, 03:45:20 PM »
What Adapter people prefer
General Discussion / Pocketfleet Releases the MASTER KIT
« Last post by PF-Diagnose on February 14, 2017, 06:40:52 AM »

This Master Kit includes everything you need to start diagnosing and maintaining class 4 8 heavy trucks as well as Medium and Light Duty Diesels and Industrial Equipment, marine and Agricultural.
With this kit you can Read and erase Fault Codes, Troubleshoot with DTC Solutions, Read Live PIDs, Graph up to 6 live PIDs, View historical scans, Perform Regens on OBD-II Light and Medium with PF-Diagnose including Isuzu, Fuso after 2012, Hino after 2012, Ford and more. Also with the included Hand Held Scanner! With this kit you can perform forced Regens on Cummins, Detroit and Fuso as well as DEF Resets.   This also gives you the ability to work on 2 units at the same time with limited functionality on the hand held unit.
This is a new Special offer Bundle from Pocketfleet Diagnostic Solutions!

   PF-Diagnose HD with OBD-II Software for your PC (License never expires)
   One year Support and Updates
   Trial subscription to DTC Online Solutions
   TechRepo!  Manage your Manuals Library with thousands of available manuals and schematics.
   Support Forum access with Free OEM Software for ABS, Non EPA Engines, and more free to download!
   Hand-Held Diagnostic Tool with Forced Regen for Cummins, Detroit and Fuso and CAT Industrial Support
   DrewLinQ Adapter translator that supports J1587/J1708/J1939/J1850PWM/J1850VPW/ISO15765/ISO9141/KWP2000 and more. 12or24v RP1210ABorC and J2534 and more The most comprehensive adapter available!
   6 and 9 PIN Cables for both units
   OBD-II cables for both units
   9/OBD and Volvo Crossover cable for the DrewLinQ a $150 value (FREE)
   USB Cables
   Driver disc
   Hard carry case for DrewLinQ and soft Case for Hand Held.

ALL FOR THE LOW KIT PRICE OF $1498.00  plus $59.00 Shipping and Handling  BUNDLE AND SAVE!

If you already bought the DrewLinQ Special and want the added HandHeld...   (You must have purchased the $999 kit in the past 90 days to qualify.)
Here is the Link to Buy Now

General Discussion / Re: John Deere 50D SYS light
« Last post by demmerton on August 22, 2016, 08:39:20 PM »
Hi, hoping i do this right as my first post on here.
The SYS light on the JD mini excavators refers to faults with the engine control system as per your symptoms.
There are 3 stages of the SYS warning light circuit, half second flashes, 1 sec flashes or it can stay on fully.
Each one has a different test or diagnosis procedure to test the engine speed potentiometer, auto idle controller and engine speed control actuator.
Anyone of these 3 devices or the wiring harness can be faulty.
Have you managed to repair it or do you still have the fault ?
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